Helping You Achieve Time and Money
Freedom Through Real Estate

Helping You Achieve Time and Money
Freedom Through Real Estate

I will help you build a successful real estate wholesaling business from scratch.

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Want to make money in real estate but don’t know
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Hello, I’m Zack.

Man, I remember what it was like when I first got started in real estate. I’d wake up every morning full of confidence and courage, ready to attack the day. I had a focused plan and I knew exactly how to find smoking hot real estate deals, and quickly turn those deals for huge profits.

Quite the opposite. In fact my reality was fear, doubt, overwhelm, and frustration. I worked my butt off but I was drowning in bad advice from gurus, and strategies that either didn’t work or just weren’t congruent with who I am.

Five years later and I’ve done over 300 real estate deals and have generated millions. Over the years I’ve made a lot of mistakes and have learned a lot of lessons (sometimes the hard way), and I’ve built a dream real estate business…and I’d love to show you how you can too.

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Build A Successful Real Estate Wholesaling Business In As Little As 90 Days
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With DFD Mastery you get all the training, coaching, and support you need to achieve time and
money freedom through real estate.

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There is one thing that separates the most successful entrepreneurs from those who just “wing it”, trying to figure it all out on their own: They understand that a good mentor can help you achieve explosive success quickly. By having a trusted mentor, and following a proven plan, you’re armed with the courage and the confidence to accomplish your goals in a very short period of time.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what some of my students have been able to achieve in my Driving for Dollars Mastery Program.

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Build a thriving real estate wholesaling business
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I just made $30,000 in 10 days without using any of my own money! Just do the work, believe in the system, and collect your money! I really recommend his system.

Roxy Chamochumbi

Zack Boothe has a heart of gold, always looking to add to others’ lives.  Zack encouraged me when I was at zero, and he is a huge part of why I had the courage to press on through the hard times to see success.

Natasha Turner

I have been doing Zack’s Driving for Dollars Mastery program and have closed multiple deals since joining the program. I just closed on a house today with an assignment fee of $63,562.50. Our biggest deal yet! Thanks Zack Boothe!

Nick Rowles

Don’t let fear or lack of experience stop you from getting started.

Achieve time and money freedom through real estate and build a business you can be proud of.
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