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Add the date and time of your strategy call to your calendar now. Showing up for our call is very important

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Watch the video below. It will give you the full agenda for our strategy call and a few important things to prepare.

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Watch 2 of the case study videos below. These will help you get a better idea of how Real Estate Wholesaling can change your life.

Starting with Real Estate Wholesaling - Success Story with Helbert Ruiz

I got Helbert with me today. Helbert is going to the success wall. He is already a very successful real estate investor and is making an enormous progress on streamlining his process.

Success Story With Wyatt Simon - Real Estate Investing

Wyatt Simon is another successful student that has been crushing lately. In this video, he will walk us through some of the steps that made him change his mindset and put in the effort to succeed with wholesaling houses.

Success Story with Thomas Burnett

What a fantastic opportunity that I had to speak with my good friend Thomas Burnett. Thomas is making incredible progress in wholesaling, always with a smile and being positive on the go. When you have the right perspective and set of expectations, you can achieve more and better.

Succes Story with Angel Hernandez

What a cool experience to enjoy a fun conversation with Angel Hernandez. Real estate has allowed Angel to have a great income as well as more time to enjoy time doing things that he is passionate about. The American dream is alive and well, it requires hard work and dedication. Angel is a great example to us all.

From Healthcare to Real Estate Investing - Success Stories with Greg Berney

Greg is a Health care professional who wanted to have the financial freedom that we talk about so much. We talk about how he went from a social worker to a real estate investor. Stay tuned where we walk you through his Journey to get the point of making over 200k this year. Real Estate Investing Is Marketing. Brief take away from our call: Have the right mindset; It is OK to fail sometimes; You need to have a system that concentrates in one strategy. In his case, this system was Driving For Dollars.

How Nick DOUBLED His Salary With Just 2 DEALS With Driving For Dollars - Case Study with Nick Rowels

How to double your salary with just two deals? In this video, my student Nick Rowels explains how he did it and how was his experience in his first year of business. He had a lot of success and watching this video, you will feel inspired, and that is my goal with this content. Everyone can do the same thing or better, keep going and do your best! I’m here to help you with everything that you need!
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