On day 4 of my “$40k in 40 days” challenge, I called the wrong number. That led to a 3-hour conversation and a wonderful business relationship with Jerry Tidwell. He was a salesman for corporate products who got into real estate 40 years ago, and he gave me 3 of his properties on a massive discount.

Jerry and his wife, Lynn, join me on the show to talk about their real estate journey, giving a breakdown of his first 3 rental properties. They also look back on that fateful day we met, stressing the importance of building and nurturing relationships.

This episode is a tribute to Jerry who passed away shortly after we recorded the interview.

Key Takeaways

  • People with money will trade convenience for price—you just have to find them
  • Why Jerry prefers rentals to mortgages
  • On working together with Lynn as a team
  • The challenges of evicting tenants especially during the pandemic
  • The point of building wealth is to use it to help others


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