Allan Okwilagwe was determined to succeed so that he could set a good example for his younger siblings and support them. He started actively wholesaling real estate over a year ago, but it took him 3 years just to get started. He has done 8 deals to date, and his most recent one netted him over $51,000!

In this episode, Allan looks back on how he got into real estate investing. He then talks about the mindset he adopted early on and his first deal, which he found by driving for dollars.

Key Takeaways

  • Allan’s fascination with houses began thanks to his grandmother
  • He went to college to learn architecture but studied up on investing and real estate in the library instead
  • Don’t let your circumstances limit you from working towards your goals
  • Your very first deal is proof of concept
  • Wholesaling is a quick way to build wealth but it is not easy


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